Uploading my web pages

Uploading My Web Pages

Any pages/files that you wish to be made available through the web will need to be placed into your own www directory via FTP. FTP is a File Transfer Protocol the send your html, images or other files to our servers from your local machine. For more information on setting up FTP please select the "Setting Up FTP" link from the menu options above.

Since CalWeb offers several types of accounts with various functions it will need to be determined by you which instructions to follow as they differ from Personal and Business hosting accounts.


Logging into the FTP server

Start your FTP program and connect to ftp.calweb.com or if you have your own ftp DNS setup for your website use that, ie ftp.yourdomain.com. For all residential users and most business customers you will use ftp.calweb.com. If your website is hosted on an NT server you will use www.yourdomain.com to connect.