Sacramento Area Dialup Access Numbers

CalWeb Internet Services has local access numbers across the state of California, and the list below represents a sampling of numbers used to connect to CalWeb. If an access number is not listed, use our handy lookup utility to find an access number or check the guides for local numbers for the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Los Angeles, or California Dial Up Numbers calling areas. Because of the various calling area splits that have occurred over the past several years, some access numbers use prefixes that were previously in use in other areas.


IMPORTANT! Please verify that the number you are using is a local access number and is entered correctly. (This can be done by checking with the operator or a recent copy of the white pages.) While we will suggest the best possible access number, CalWeb Internet Services is not responsible for any toll or phone charges incurred while using our service.
Modem dialup numbers (partial list)
LocationNumberIncludes Coverage Areas
North Sacramento(916) 239-1855


South Sacramento(916) 233-1855Rancho Cordova
Citrus Heights(916) 242-1855Antelope
Elk Grove(916) 236-1855Courtland, Meadowview
Fair Oaks(916) 241-1855 
Folsom(916) 235-1855 
Lincoln(916) 209-1855 
Michigan Bar(916) 234-1855Rancho Murieta, Sloughhouse
Pleasant Grove(916) 299-1855 
Rio Linda(916) 243-1855 
Roseville(916) 242-1855Granite Bay
South Placer(916) 778-1855
Loomis, Penryn, Rocklin

Auburn(530) 217-1855Newcastle
Colfax(530) 512-1855 
Davis(530) 204-1855Dixon
Grass Valley(530) 205-1855Penn Valley
Georgetown(530) 334-1855Foresthill
Knights Landing(530) 506-1855Nicholas, Robbins
Marysville(530) 216-1855Live Oak, Wheatland, Yuba City
Meridian(530) 948-1855 
North Yuba(530) 418-1855Smartsville
Placerville(530) 206-1855 or (530) 503-1855Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, El Dorado
Woodland(530) 207-1855 
Galt(209) 730-1855 
Ione(209) 781-1855 
Jackson(209) 418-1855 
Lodi(209) 625-1855 
Manteca(209) 624-1855 
Modesto(209) 622-1855 
Plymouth(209) 893-1855 
Stockton(209) 623-1855 
Sutter Creek(209) 560-1855 
Tracy(209) 627-1855 
ISDN dialup numbers (partial list)
LocationNumberIncludes Coverage Areas
North Sacramento(916) 239-1855

Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights, Roseville, Granite Bay

South Sacramento(916) 233-1855


Roseville(916) 242-1855Roseville, Lincoln, Loomis, Newcastle, Penryn
Folsom(916) 235-1855Folsom, South Placer, Rocklin
NOTE: You may need to dial 1-xxx- (xxx=area code) in front of the phone number in order to connect, depending on the telephone company's configuration in your area. The charge for the call will remain the same (you can verify this by dialing "0" and asking the operator from the line you wish to dial from).

Additional California Access Numbers Available to CalWeb Customers
CalWeb offers local access numbers across the state of California. This utility below will give you several possible access numbers based upon mileage only. Please verify that the number you are using is a local access number, as CalWeb is not responsible for any toll or phone charges while using our service. Some possible access numbers may be a local call even though it is in another area code.

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