Modem & Dial-Up FAQ

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How come I’m told to check the phone number? Don’t you know what numbers are local to me?
We are your Internet service provider, not the phone company, and calls to our access numbers are treated just like voice calls. While we make our best attempt to give you a local access number, we are unable to guarantee that the number is a local number. We recommend that you contact your phone company or a recent copy of the white pages to make sure the number is a local access number. CalWeb Internet Services is not responsible for any phone charges incurred while using our service, including toll charges.

In addition, some dial-up access numbers, if entered incorrectly, may dial-through and connect correctly, but may be charged a long distance call. As an example, (530) 204-1855 is local to Davis, (530) 205-1855 is local to Grass Valley, (530) 206-1855 is local to Placerville, and (530) 207-1855 is local to Woodland. If you live in Placerville, but mis-enter 205-1855 instead of 206-1855, your call to CalWeb will go through, but you will be charges long distance charges.

Some of the numbers you gave me have some strange prefixes. Are you sure these are local numbers?
Because of the various area code splits that have occurred in California in the past few years, including the 916/530 area code split that occurred in November, 1997, several prefixes that have been used in other areas are now being used as access numbers. These prefixes should appear in recent copies of the phone book, or you can check with the operator to make sure that it is a local access number.
I have a 56K modem. Why am I only getting 26,400 or 28,800 connects?
All of CalWeb’s access numbers support the 56K V.90 modem standard. However, there are several factors that can prevent a high-speed (digital) connecting, including distance from the switching office and phone line quality. When your modem connects to CalWeb, it tests the phone line to see if it can support a high-speed digital connection. If that test fails, it falls back to the analog connection of 26,400 or 28,800. For a more detailed explanation of how it works, see the 56K Basics web page.
How come I get disconnected from CalWeb?
The most likely cause of disconnections is simply due to line noise, crosstalk, and/or on the phone lines between your computer and CalWeb’s modem. While the modems tries to maintain the connection by retraining and renegotiating at a lower speed, in some cases, it fails and you get disconnected.

If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express and you are being disconnected after checking your mail, then click on Tools, then Options. Click on the Connection tab. Make sure that "Ask Before Switching Connections" is checked and "Hang Up After Sending and Receiving" is not checked.

In addition, because our modem banks are a shared resource, CalWeb’s long standing policy has been:

  • If your connection has been idle for 20 minutes, and no Internet Activity is detected, you will automatically be disconnected.
  • If you are connected for 12 consecutive hours, you will be disconnected and be unable to log in for 30 minutes. (Unmetered accounts are not intended for continuous connections). If you require a dedicated connection, please contact our sales department.

Is there anything that CalWeb can do about connecting or dropped?
Depending on the modem, we can try some modem initialization strings in order to maintain your connection. You may also want to have your phone lines tested by the phone company.
Can I use a wireless phone jack to hook my computer to the Internet?
A wireless phone jack uses your house wiring in order to have another phone jack without actually wiring up a phone jack. In most cases, these jacks were designed mainly for fax machines, and are only rated up to 14,400 bps, which is slower than most modems.
Do you have a 800- number or dialup access numbers outside California?
We do not offer a 800 number to access your CalWeb account. The ISPs that do offer a 800 number for internet access often charge a per-minute charge while using the 800 Internet Access number. Also, we do not have dial-up access numbers outside the state of California. However, if you need to access your e-mail, you may want to try out CalWeb's Web Mail Interface. This will allow you to check e-mail from any web browser.

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