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IMPORTANT NOTE: CalWeb Technical Support cannot assist you with the design or debugging of your web site. We can only assist you with uploading your web site to our servers. Professional design services for business web sites are available. 
What is the URL of my personal web page?
The URL of your personal web page is, where userid is your login name. (i.e. joeuser).Top
How do I upload to my web site? 
You will need to use an ftp program like WS_FTP to transfer files from your computer to our web servers. Web pages should be transferred in ASCII format, while graphics should be transferred in binary format. (Most current ftp programs handle this correctly.) To upload to CalWeb, you will need to log into the server with your user name and password. Once logged in, you will need to change to your web directory on CalWeb (this is usually referred to as the remote computer):

Personal Web Page and Personal Webhosting ( /www/

Business Webhosting ( /example/Top

Do you support CGI or Perl scripts? 
Yes, we do. All cgi-scripts and Perl scripts must have the extension of .cgi, and permissions set to 755 (owner has read/write/execute permissions, everyone has just read and execute permissions. See chmod.) Scripts must be uploaded in ASCII mode.Top
Do you support FrontPage?
Yes, we support FrontPage extensions. You will need to first install the extensions by going to . Once installed, you can design your web site on your computer and then publish to your web site, or do live editing of your web site from Frontpage.

Publish method: Once the web is open on your computer, click on File and select Publish Web. You will be prompted for your web location. Enter the URL of your web site (either or You will then be prompted for your CalWeb user name and password. The web site will then be published to CalWeb's servers.

Live editing: Click on File and select Open Web. You will be prompted for your web location. Enter the URL of your web site (either or ). You will then be prompted for your CalWeb user name and password. You can then edit your web site on-line.Top

Can you give me tips on designing web pages?
While we cannot specifically assist you in the design of your web site, here are some helpful tips on publishing your web site:
  • Our web servers are Unix-based Apache web servers. Unlike Windows, all file names are case sensitive, thus picture.jpg is different than picture.JPG. We recommend that you use all lowercase for the filenames.
  • For compatibility and for quick transfers, pictures should be in the .gif, .jpg, or .png format. Avoid using .bmp and .tif files.
  • Keep the page simple. Lengthy web pages with many images take longer to load than short web pages with few graphics.
What is the name of the home page? 
The file name of your home page should be named index.html (preferred) or index.htm .Top
I just uploaded my web site, but nothing comes up. What's wrong?
I just uploaded my business web site, but it still says "Coming Soon". What's wrong?
One of the possible situations occurred:
  • You may have uploaded your files in your home directory instead of your web directory (see above).
  • You probably uploaded your business web site with the home page titled index.htm . Our server checks for index.html first, then index.htm. You will need to remove the index.html web page from your web directory.
How can I put a counter on my web page?
The Text Counter is fairly simple to place on your Web Page(s) and uses SSI - Server Side Includes. The name of the counter is "counter".

To actually make use of this counter, you will need to put in the following line: You are visitor to this page.

After placing the correct script line in your HTML page the counter will look like the following: You are visitor 8581 to this page. Please note that it is impossible for CalWeb to modify the counter counts.Top

Where can I download statistics on my business web site?
Web site statistics can be accessed by going to the following:
  • http://www.(yourdomainname).com/webstats.html - Webstats home page
  • http://www.(yourdomainname).com/log/ - http-analyze web stats
  • http://www.(yourdomainname).com/log/urchin/ - Urchin web stats

Note: Web site statistics are part of the business web hosting package, and are NOT available for personal web hosting sites or personal web sites.Top

For more information... 
Try the following resources:

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