In order to prevent phishing attempts, we will be listing all emails here that CalWeb sends to users via mass email. If you receive an email that appears to be from CalWeb asking you to login to verify your account, it is almost ALWAYS a scam designed to steal your account information. Emails we send, will be listed here as another way for you to verify the email came from us. As always, email if you have any questions.

Mail Server Update - November 1st

It's finally time to replace our aging mail server. We'll be moving all mail over to our cPanel platform beginning Sunday evening. During this time all mail will be inaccessible for approximately 4-6 hours. Once the process is complete we'll sync up the password files and mail should be up and running. Incoming mail will not be affected and anything  that comes in while mail is being moved will be sent to the new server.

In order to save time we'll migrate a few times starting with Saturday Evening and then re-syncing to the new location every few hours, with a final copy Sunday evening before we switch to the new server. Because of this process, any email you delete during this period will likely re-appear when the new server is active. This will be normal and calling support will not be necessary. 

For the most part, you should not have to change anything with your configuration. We'll point our DNS to the new location and your mail application should continue to work as normal.  However, there may be some issues you should be aware of. Mainly our current server allows you to login with only your username. The cPanel server requires This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order for you to login. Most mail applications use the full email address, but if you've manually setup email without the for the username you'll need to fix that. 

Because there are so many different mail applications, we're unable to give you specific directions and our 24/7 support will not be able to give you specific instructions. Use your help button in your mail application or google for how to change this. We'll provide instructions online for Outlook and Thunderbird.  And if you're having problems you can also use cPanel webmail to download configuration files or view settings. See the website for those instructions. The new server will also have an updated webmail option with additional features that will allow you to set autoresponders, additional spam filtering, and strict password requirements to further protect your email account.

This email can also be found on the CalWeb website under the "email verify" button to verify this is a legitimate email. CalWeb will never send you an email requesting your login/password or send you to a non-CalWeb website to login. You can verify you are on a legitimate CalWeb website as indicated by the lock icon in your browser bar.

We will send out additional emails as needed and when the upgrade is complete. 

CalWeb Support
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.