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Subject: Phishing/Malware reminder

To verify this email is authentic, we have setup a page on our website that will list all mass emails we send out to users. This page DOES NOT ask for your login information. To verify this page is authentic look for a lock in your browser bar and verify the address displays


Vist to confirm this email.

This is a reminder to never reply to an email or follow links to websites that do not show as in your browser bar asking for email login/password information(see above images). These emails try and get you to enter your login/password purporting to increase your disk space, deliver an email on hold, or upgrading your email account, verify your account, etc. These emails are NOT from us. Once you enter your login/password that information is then collected and used to login to our servers and send spam/malware emails.

A recent email with the subject line of "Announcement (Scheduled Email Maintenance)" was delivered to many users. This email IS NOT from CalWeb and is an attempt to steal your login/password.

While we do as much spam filtering as possible, it's inevitable that some emails get through and it is up to you to be the final line of defense. Our servers currently have problems delivering to various domains because of users falling for these emails. As a small ISP there is very little we can do about this. Use one of the many free alternative email suppliers (like as they have so many users that the blacklist companies ignore them while penalizing us small ISP. 

We recently sent out an email outlining our policies regarding users that continue to fall for these phishing emails. Here it is agan:

1. Current limits are 100 emails an hour, 400 per day. This limit will change to 75 emails an hour, 300 per day. If you send out more email then these limits, we recommended you use one of the free email services such as or Microsoft mail. Those account that fall for phishing scams may have further restrictions placed on them as well.

2. Users that have their domain hosted on our servers will no longer have emails for that domain forwarded to a email addresses. Your domain hosted service allows you to have emails associated with your domain. You should use your private domain for emails instead of We will forward your email to your domain for 6 months to allow you to transition to your domain’s email. If you do not have your cPanel dashboard information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for that information.

3. Email accounts that are being forwarded to domains that are not hosted on our servers will be discontinued.

4. We will be implementing a policy in order to encourage users to be vigilant when it comes to online forms as well as use STRONG passwords. If your email account is compromised, the first time the email address will be suspended for 1 day. Additional occurrences after the 1st, the account will be suspended and incur a $50 re-activation fee. CalWeb also reserves the right to permanently close email addresses or an account that continues to have spam/phishing issues.

Again, please be extra careful when you receive any type of email that appears from CalWeb asking you to either reply or go to a website to enter confidential information. These emails are 99.99% BOGUS.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

Again: you can verify this email is from us by going to the real's website and verify when it was sent and the contents of this email.

Thank you,

CalWeb Internet Services, Inc.

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