Eudora Port settings for Windows (also Macintosh)

Only seven standard port numbers are used by all major ISPs.

Find the port number below and make the settings as indicated,
in Eudora version 5.1 or later (6.2.3 or later to use port 587).

Remove any port numbers from any (obsolete) "Ports" settings category,

Port number(s)
Parameter to set: Value to choose
(Additional notes, if any)
110(POP) or 143(IMAP)
Secure Sockets when Receiving: If Available, STARTTLS

995(POP) or 993(IMAP)
Secure Sockets when Receiving: Required, Alternate Port

Secure Sockets when Sending: If Available, STARTTLS
Turn OFF "Use submission port (587)"
Adjust "Allow authentication" whichever way works.

Secure Sockets when Sending: If Available, STARTTLS
Turn ON "Use submission port (587)"
Turn ON "Allow authentication"

Secure Sockets when Sending: Required, Alternate Port
Turn OFF "Use submission port (587)"
Turn ON "Allow authentication"
For named personalities, open Tools > Personalities
then right-click any icon and select "Properties"

"If Available, STARTTLS" may be replaced by "Never" (no SSL)
or by "Required, STARTTLS" (require SSL) to force the SSL setting.

Macintosh settings are similar, but are located in different places
("SSL," "Personalities," "Personality Extras")

If an outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication, it must use the same
username and password as the POP or IMAP server in the same personality,
otherwise see
How to set port numbers, SSL, and alternate SMTP login info (Windows & Macintosh)
The only thing somewhat obscure in Eudora settings is port numbers,
which are not directly displayed or even mentioned in the settings,
but are automatically chosen along with SSL (Secure Sockets) options.

The "Basic" ports are: 110(POP), 143(IMAP), 25 or 587 (SMTP)
The "Alternate" (SSL) ports are: 995(POP), 993(IMAP), 465(SMTP)
"Required, Alternate Port" automatically chooses the Alternate (SSL) port;
all other choices automatically assign the "Basic" port.

The "Use message submission port (587)" checkbox
substitutes 587 (instead of 25) for the "Basic" port
for the particular SMTP server.

All public ISPs use the port numbers shown above; all you need do is choose each server's "SSL" option according to whether the port number is "Basic" or "Alternate" ("Basic" ports also have a choice for TLS: never, always, or if available); also adjust the "587" checkbox if an SMTP server uses a "Basic" port.

Additional info (including alternate SMTP login info):
Eudora has the same four "SSL" options as "Thunderbird"
in both incoming and outgoing server settings,
and assigns the same standard port numbers automatically,
based on your choice for "Secure Sockets when Receiving"
and "Secure Sockets when Sending" in Windows,
or "SSL for POP/IMAP/SMTP" in Macintosh settings,
so just choose the "SSL" option to set the port number too,
per this chart, even though you do not see the port number displayed:

SSL Receiving Sending
---- --------- -------

Never [none] 110 (POP) 25 or 587 (SMTP)
143 (IMAP) (see note below)

If available, (same as above)

Required, (same as above)

Required, 995 (POP) 465 (SMTP)
Alternate Port 993 (IMAP)

Note - "25 or 587" (SMTP) requires an additional setting:
"Use submission port (587)" (un-check for 25, check-mark for 587)

"Allow authentication" (authorization, login) MUST be check-marked
for most SMTP servers (a few using port 25 may not require this).

Option locations in Windows Eudora:

Tools > Personalities > (right-click any icon) > Properties
and in main "Checking/Sending Mail" for "Dominant" only.
Do NOT change any default in obsolete "Ports" category (if present),

Settings locations (categories) in Macintosh Eudora:

SSL: for POP, for IMAP, for SMTP (select for each personality)
Personalities: "Use...587," "Allow authorization," "Check mail"
Personality Extras: "Use relay personality, if defined"
Sending Mail: Select the "SMTP Relay Personality"

IMPORTANT re outgoing (SMTP) servers:

Each Eudora email account (personality) has only one username/password.
Therefore, if the SMTP server requires authentication (login)
with a different username/password than the POP (or IMAP) server,
Eudora can not deal with both servers in the same personality.

Outlook Express handles this via separate "Log on using" info for SMTP;
Thunderbird has a separate "User Name" field for each SMTP server,
which is defined completely apart from any "incoming" account.

In Eudora, you can simply have any "incoming" personality "relay"
its outgoing mail through an SMTP server defined in another personality,
while still being sent "From:" the first personality.

This is done by marking "Use relay personality, if defined" (for SMTP)
in the first personality, and choosing the outgoing "SMTP Relay Personality"
in the "Sending Mail" settings category.

If no personality is yet defined for the SMTP server, then create a new one.
If there's no Incoming mail to get for the "relay" personality,
un-check it's "Check mail" option (in "Personalities"),
but it's important to specify the Incoming server name anyway.

Also NOTE:

Some ISPs require your "user name"
to be your complete email address ("This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.")

The only way to know is to pay close attention to your ISP's instructions!


Why to avoid using "Ports" [& Protocols] settings

"Ports" [Windows] and "Ports & Protocols" [Macintosh] settings, which are categories created only by an "Esoteric" plugin, globally replace internal settings representing basic port numbers (POP=110, IMAP=143, SMTP=25) by substituting new numbers.

If you replace the only definition of an original basic port number, then:

(a) It affects every personality at the same time.
(b) You can not use the original numbers any more, at all.

Eudora version 5.1 meanwhile introduced SSL, which already came with built-in definitions for new port numbers:

Port 995 ("Alternate Port") for POP
Port 993 ("Alternate Port") for IMAP
Port 465 ("Alternate Port") for SMTP

Eudora version 6.2 introduced "Use message submission port (587)"

In fact, if you choose either "Alternate Port" or "Use submission port (587)" then any port settings in "Ports" [& Protocols] are ignored anyway.

There is no point, therefore, to ever using the old "Ports [& Protocols]" settings for any of the above ports; just use the "SSL" selector and the "Use...(587)" box instead, for each specific protocol.

By using the standard settings, rather than "Ports [& Protocols]," one can adjust every personality individually, and one does not lose the ability to continue using any of the original basic ports, for any other personality which still needs them.

If your ISP requires you to use a very unusual port number (e.g. 2525), and if you can afford to sacrifice the use of the original number for any other personality, then you can afford to use "Ports [& Protocols]" to change the original basic number.

However, there are other ways, for both Windows and Macintosh, to change a basic port number for just one specific personality at a time, without impacting any other personality -- this can be done for any personality except "Dominant," and requires either a simple insertion into file "Eudora.ini" (for Windows) or clicking an "x-eudora-setting" link for Macintosh.

Example: change SMTP port only for personality "John":

[Persona-John] <-- this line already exists
SMTPPort=2525 <-- insert this line
<X-Eudora-Setting:7211@John=2525> [compose a message, click this]

How to set Eudora options for any ISP
This thread began with an isolated question, asking how to set one single thing, but like preparing a complete meal, its overall success depends on combining compatible ingredients properly.

One should first decide what one is going to cook, collect all the necessary ingredients, then follow a coherent recipe to bring them together properly, or else the pickles, ice cream, and Hollandaise sauce may prove indigestible when all consumed together :)

If we have a single ISP and just one email account and address, with the same ISP as provides our internet connection, it ought to be very simple.

The first thing we need is the set of instructions from our ISP containing these few basic pieces of information:

Our "Account name"/Login name"/"User name": myname (or do they say we need to specify "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." in full?)

Our email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Incoming (POP) server name: (does our ISP specify a port number for POP, and/or say whether we have to use SSL/TLS for POP?)

Outgoing (SMTP) server name: (does our ISP specify a port number for SMTP, and/or say whether we have to use SSL/TLS for SMTP?) Does server require authentication? (almost always yes)

And of course we know our password! (which is case-sensitive, so make sure CAPS LOCK is off while typing)

Incoming -> set "Secure Sockets while Receiving" to:
Port 110 (or 143) and no SSL -> "Never"
Port 110 (or 143) with SSL -> "Required, STARTTLS"
Port 995 (or 993) with SSL -> "Required, Alternate Port"

Outgoing -> set "Secure Sockets while Sending" to:
Port 25 (or 587) and no SSL -> "Never"
Port 25 (or 587) with SSL -> "Required, STARTTLS"
Port 465 with SSL -> "Required, Alternate Port"

If the ISP specifies outgoing port 587, then check-mark "Use submission port (587)" in Eudora;
otherwise be sure to clear that box in Eudora.

Note that you can not use outgoing (SMTP) "Alternate Port" (465) and "587" together!

What is Eudora's "If Available, STARTTLS" for?
Answer: For when you didn't get known info from the ISP!

Finally, be sure to always check-mark "Allow authentication"


No connection:
Wrong port, firewall/ISP block, Anti-virus/spy (disable for email), wrong "Esoteric" default ports, wrong "overrides" in Eudora.ini

SSL problem: Certificate, wrong SSL setting, Anti-virus (disable)

POP login fails and SMTP auth fails/required: wrong "user name" (try adding or removing the "" part of email address)

To restore correct default ports in "Esoteric" plugin, either "blank them out" or copy the numbers found in parentheses.

Authentication negotiation (SASL) failure (very rare):

Insert X-Eudora-Option:SMTPAuthBanished into an outgoing Eudora message (followed by [Enter]), which should "highlight" that text as a "link," then press and hold "Alt" on computer keyboard while clicking it, and when a "Change option" dialog box pops up, set the new value to whichever of the following turns out to work (capitalize and punctuate exactly as shown):

or blank (empty)

Or insert

SMTPAuthBanished=(one of above) into the [Settings] section in file Eudora.ini (only while Eudora is closed)