Changing your username - Thunderbird v91.3.0

Changing your Thunderbird username wthout the domain to the full This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: Other versions of Thunderbird will have similar settings, but accessing this information may be in different locations. Google your version of Thunderbird for that information.

Open Thunderbird and select Tools from the top menu and click on Account Settings. If you have no tool bar see the next step.

1. Click on Toolbar and choose Account Settings

2. If no tool bar, click the "Hamburger Menu" and then select Account Settings.

3.Select the "Server Settings" associated with your CalWeb email account.  From there, change the "User Name" field to include if it's missing.

4. Click on Outgoing Server, select the Server line associated with your CalWeb account and click on Edit.

5. From there, change the "User Name" field to include if it's missing. 

6. Click Ok. Close the boxes. Done!