My CD-R Trading List                          Updated January 8, 2005

Welcome to my CD-R trade list.   All titles are original CDs unless marked CD-R.

Artwork is provided on an ISO CD-ROM on request.

I use quality CD-Rs and record in Disc At Once mode.
Discs are shipped by USPS First Class Mail packed in boxes or padded mailers.

These discs are not for sale. They are for trade only. Please, no discs made from MP3 files.

If you have Beatles related CD-Rs to trade contact me at djames

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CC indicates the 910 Magazine's Core Collection

New Additions

PC70-80 Beatles Complete BBC sessions Upgraded (Purple Chick 11 CD-R)  
RR 117-118 Beatles Anthology 2 World Premiere (Rocky Records 2 CD-R)  
RR 119-120 Beatles Anthology 3 World Premiere Parts 1&2 (Rocky Records 2 CD-R)  
RR 121 Beatles Anthology 3 World Premiere Part 3 (Rocky Records CD-R)  
RR 122 Beatles In The Studio (Rocky Records CD-R)  
unknown Beatles White Album 30th Anniversary Special (2 CD-R)  
unknown McCartney Virgin Radio July 15, 2001 (1 CD-R)  



VT218/234 30 days (Vigotone 17 CD-R) CC
BB001 4 Others (BackBeat CD-R)  
5-2000 5.1 Degrees of Separation (Blue Meanie CD-R)  
BK6901           '69 Rehersals Vol 1 (Blue Kangaroo)        CC
BK6902           '69 Rehersals Vol 2 (Blue Kangaroo)        CC
BK6903       '69 Rehersals Vol 3 (Blue Kangaroo)        CC
unknown A Hard Day's Night (Mirror Spock CD-R)  
CP35 Abbey Road (Odeon CD-R)  
unknown Abbey Road Show (CD-R)  
UC-082 Abbey Road Tape Vol 1 (Unicorn CD-R) CC
STR020 Abbey Road Video Show (CD-R Strawberry) CC
UC-087 Acetate Collection (Unicorn CD-R) CC
YD009     Acetates  (Yellow Dog)  CC
SP148 Alf Together Now (Spank CD-R) CC
unknown                All the Best from Australia (Boxtop CD-R)   CC
YD016     All Things Must Pass Part 1  (Yellow Dog)  CC
WPOCM011  All Too Much (CD-R)  
CPCS-9402 Alternate Masters (CD-R BMI)  
unknown Another Phase (Abbey Road 12 CD-R)  
VT180 Another Sessions ... Plus (Vigotone 1 CD) CC
OMI 98/1-2 Anthology More (2 CD-R)  
IU9750-2       Anthology PLUS (2 CD-R)  
SS99007 Anthoropology (CD-R Silent Sea)  
VT6869          Arrive Without Aging (Vigotone)    CC
RAR1001 2002 As It Happened, Baby (DarthDisc 1 CD-R)  
VT122 As Nature Intended (Vigotone CD-R) CC
SP145 Atlanta * Munich * Seattle (Spank CD-R)  
Panther 25-27 Attack of the Filler Beebs (Panther 3 CD-R)  
SS001/004 Attack of the Filler Beebs (Silent Sea 4 CD-R)  
YD055         Auction Tapes Vol. 1   (Yellow Dog)  CC
YD070/71 Australian Tour 1964 (Yellow Dog CD-R)  
BT6368-2       Back Track Part 2  
BT6369-2       Back Track Part 3    CC
PH1317            Beatle Versions of Solo Beatles Songs  (PolyPhone)  
COOL004       Beatles Again (Cool Orangesicle CD-R)  
BEAT021    Beatles in Italy (BEAT CD-R) CC
SS028/029 Beatles Last Year (2 CD-R Silent Sea)  
FFR9111         Bits & Pieces (Fab Four Rarities)  
Batz 0197/1098 Braun-Kirchherr Tape (2 CD-R Batz) CC
YD074/75 Broadcast Collection Trailer Vol 1 (Yellow Dog 2 CD-R)  
YD076/77 Broadcast Collection Trailer Vol 2 (Yellow Dog 2 CD-R)  
BEAT005     Capitol Versions -Help! & Rubber Soul (BEAT CD-R)  
CD3333           Cavern Club Rehersals (The Early Years)  
YD006     Celluloid Rock  (Yellow Dog)   CC
DPRO79966 Collectors Items (CD-R)  
unknown Complete 12/25 - 1/22/63 V.1 (Silent Sea CD-R)  
unknown Complete 3/6 - 5/21/63 (Silent Sea CD-R)  
unknown Complete 9/11 - 12/21/62 V.1 (Silent Sea CD-R)  
YD031     Complete Christmas Collection  (Yellow Dog)  CC
RAM101/102 Complete Hollywood Bowl - 2 CDRs (Repro Man)     CC
YD072/073 Complete Rooftop Concert (Yellow Dog 2 CD-R) CC
YD032    Control Room Monitor Mixes   (Yellow Dog)  CC
YD083/084 Controlroom Monitor Mixes V1 (Yellow Dog 2 CD-R)  
YD085/086 Controlroom Monitor Mixes V2 (Yellow Dog 2 CD-R)  
YDD001/039 Day By Day Vol 1-18 (Yellow Dog 36 CD-R)  
DIY GB01 DIYology Vol 1 (KTKK Fun Boots CD-R)  
UC068 Down In Havana (CD-R Unicorn)  
RS12/13          Eight Arms To Hold You - 2 CDs (Rock Solid)  
NLR9806 Et Maintenant Une Chanson - New Version (CD-R)  
SS062-63 Every Little Thing (Silent Sea 2 CD-R)  
FS-1001/1006 Fabulous Sound Labs 24 bit remaster NOT from MP3 (6 CD-R)  
YD68/69      Fanthology (Yellow Dog 2 CD)     CC
TSP011         Five Nights in a Judo Arena (Swinging Pig)    CC
VT183/184 From Kinfauns to Chaos (Vigotone 2 CD-R)  
DPRO-79971 From Me To You (CD)  
TSP015-2     From Us To You - 2CDs (Swinging Pig)  
VT182 Get Back ; The Glyn Johns Final Compilation (Vigotone 1 CD) CC
STR006 Get Back 2nd Mix (Strawberry CD-R)  
YD014     Get Back and 22 other songs  (Yellow Dog)   CC
VIGO101/108  Get Back Journals - 8CDs (Vigotone)    CC
VIGO138/145 Get Back Journals 2 (Vigotone 8 CDRs) CC
CD7080           Get Back with Don't Let Me Down and 1 other Songs (The Martin Mix)  
MBCD113 Gone Tomorrow Here Today (Midnight Beat CD-R)  
OCT001         Hail, Hail Rock N' Roll (Octopuss)     CC
SS060-61 Hard Days and Nights (Silent Sea 2 CD-R)  
CT004 Help! (B4 CD-R)  
FFR9113         Her Majesty (Fab Four Rarities)  
BD011 Hodge Podge 4 (Black Dog CD-R)  
GDRCD9304 Houston Compelet Concert (Great Dane 2 CD-R)  
SP110           In Case You Didn't Know (SPANK CD-R)    CC
CD017             It's All In The Mind Y' Know (BEAT)  
PB1008         It's Not Too Bad (PegBoy CD-R)  
BECD001        Jamming With Heather (Because)    CC
DP1@ Jimmy Nichol and the Beatles (Desperato CD-R)  
FFR9112         John, Paul, George & Ringo - Through the Years (Fab Four Rarities)  
BTLG Kaleidoscope (2 CD-R) CC
SS004 Kinfauns (Silent Sea CD-R)  
YD067          Leaning on a Lamppost (Yellow Dog CD-R)  
YD015     Let It Be Rehersals Vol 1   (Yellow Dog)  CC
CO25144       Let It Be Sessions (Chapter One)  
unknown Live at the Star Club - Lingasone Reference Lacquers (CD-R)  
DP3@          Live at the Star Club (Desperado CD-R)  
CD1473        Live in Hamburg '62 (K-TEL CD-R)  
FLO006 Live! Make as much noise as you want (FLO records CD-R)  
unknown Long And Winding Road Westwood 1 History of Beatles (12 CD-R)  
MFCD 001 Lord Of Madness (Masterfraction CD-R)  
DP027 Lost Paris Tapes (Dr Pataphysical CD-R)  
VIGO132        Lost Pepperland Reel (Vigotone CD-R)    CC
YD078 Love Me Do (CD-R Yellow Dog)  
SS067-68 Magical Mystery Boy (Silent Sea 2 CD-R)  
VT123             March 5th, 1963 & Compete DECCA audition (Vigotone CD-R)    CC
private Missing Live at the BBC (2 CD-R)  
unknown Mixing Impossible - Music (Mirror Spock 1 CD-R)  
unknown Mixing Impossible - Remixes (Mirror Spock 1 CD-R)  
unknown Mixing Impossible - Vocals (Mirror Spock 1 CD-R)  
DPRO7997/4/5/6 More Masters (Capitol 3 CD-R) CC
unknown Multimedia Get Back Book (CD-R)  
STR008/018 Mythology (Strawberry Records 11 CD-R)  
VT166/167 NME Poll Winners Concert 1965 (2 CD-R Vigotone)  
VT116             No 3 Abbey Road N.W.8 (Vigotone)    CC
DarthDisc2000 Northwest Nights (DarthDisc 2 CD-R)  
1986            Not For Sale (Condor)  
1989             Not Guilty (Condor)  
SS057-58 One Before 911 (Silent Sea 2 CD-R)  
BTLG Oopsology (4 CD-R)  
BEAT013-2   Original Master Recordings (BEAT 2 CD-R)  
KAS 003/004 Original Master Recordings First 4 albums speed and phase corrected (2 CD-R)  
SS007/008 Pepperland (Silent Sea 2 CD-R)  
SP104           Peter Sellers Tape (SPANK CD-R)    CC
unknown Please Please Me (Mirror Spock CD-R)  
BD009         Puttin' On The Style (Black Dog)    CC
CO25190        Quarreymen at Home (Chapter One)    CC
RFTCD005 Radio-Active Vol 1(Pyramid CD-R)  
RFTCD006 Radio-Active Vol 2 (Pyramid CD-R)  
BEAT008  Rarities (Midnight Beat CD-R)  
CD3307           Recording Sessions Vol 3 (The Early Years)  
VT117             Revolution (Red Robin)    CC
SS023/024 Revolving (Silent Sea 2 CD-R)  
unknown Road Runner (CD-R)  
ORANGE 7     Rockin' Movie Stars Vol 3 (CD-R)    CC
BEAT018     Sea of Green (Red Robin CD-R)  
SS871967        Sessions (Disques Du Monde)  
SP103              Sessions (Spank)    CC
YD082 Seven Years of Christmas (Yellow Dog CD-R)  
LU9206 Sgt Peppers Magical Mystery Tour (Luna CD-R)  
CFC024 Sgt Peppers Trance Remixes (Chelsea CD-R)  
SP109           Shea!/Candlestick Park (SPANK CD-R)    CC
YD011     Silver Beatles/Original Decca Tapes (Yellow Dog)   
BEAT019 Some Have Gone, Some Remain (BEAT CD-R)  
1992             Something To Hide (Condor)  
SS035/36 Songs For Eleanore (Silent Sea 2 CD-R)  
RC871968       Songs From the Past Vol 1 (Sidewalk Music)    CC
LM871968       Songs From the Past Vol 2 (Sidewalk Music)    CC
SS032/33 Soul Sessions (2 CD-R Silent Sea)  
TSP005         Stars of '63  (Swinging Pig)    CC
1988             Strawberry Fields (Condor)  
SS069-70 Strawberry Lane (Silent Sea 2 CD-R)  
YD063        Studio 2 Sessions at Abbey Road Vol 1  (Yellow Dog)   CC
YD065         Studio 2 Sessions at Abbey Road Vol 3  (Yellow Dog)   CC
UC076 Studio Collection (Unicorn CD-R)  
BTLG Studio Sessions Speed Corrected (Tobe Milo CD-R)  
FS-T-001 Swedish Radio Show (Fabulous Sound Labs CD-R from MP3)  
SS022 Telecasts 4 (Silent Sea CD-R)  
TMCD-8Q4 The Beatles Story (Fake Capitol CD-R)  
BTLG The Songs We Were Singing (4 CD-R)  
YDT001/004 The Twickenham Sessions (Yellow Dog 8 CD-R)  
HC0006 The Very Best of Shindig (Hercules CD-R)  
CPCS-9401 The Worlds Best (BMI CD-R)  
SAMPLER001 To Be Expected Sampler (Orange/Yellow Dog/Strawberry)     CC
VT178/179 Turn Me On Dead Man ; The John Barret Tapes (Vigotone 2 CD)  
UC072 Tussen De Bollen (Unicorn CD-R)  
VT172/173 Ultimate Beatles Christmas Collection (Vigotone 2 CD-R)  
YDB101/103 Ultimate Collection Vol 1,2,3 - 12 CDRs   CC
YD038/39  Ultimate Live Collection Vol 1 - 2 CDs  (Yellow Dog)   CC
ST200020 Ultimate Live Masters (Secret Trax CD-R)  
GBCD909.1 Ultimate Ultra Rare Tracks Vol 1 (Green Budgie CD-R)  
TSP002         Ultra Rare Trax Vol 2 (Swinging Pig)    CC
TSP025         Ultra Rare Trax Vol 3 (Swinging Pig)    CC
TSP026         Ultra Rare Trax Vol 4 (Swinging Pig)  
TGP111         Ultra Rare Trax Vol 7 (Genuine Pig)  
TGP112         Ultra Rare Trax Vol 8 (Genuine Pig)  
NLR0101 Unbootlegged Vol 1( CD-R No Label Records)  
NLR0102 Unbootlegged Vol 2 ( CD-R No Label Records)  
NLR0103 Unbootlegged Vol 3( CD-R No Label Records)  
NLR0104 Unbootlegged Vol 4 ( CD-R No Label Records)  
NLR0105 Unbootlegged Vol 5 ( CD-R No Label Records)  
NTR0106 Unbootlegged Vol 6 (No Tapo Records CD-R)  
NTR0107 Unbootlegged Vol 7 (No Tapo Records CD-R)  
YD008     Unsurpassed Demos (Yellow Dog)  CC
YD001    Unsurpassed Masters Vol 1 mono (Yellow Dog)   
YD001     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 1 stereo (Yellow Dog)   
KAS 002-5 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 2 Decca & Cavern tapes speed corrected (2-CD-R)  
YD002     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 2 mono (Yellow Dog)   
YD002     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 2 stereo    (Yellow Dog)  CC
YD003     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 3 mono (Yellow Dog)   
YD003     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 3 stereo    (Yellow Dog)  CC
YD004     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 4   (Yellow Dog)             CC
YD005     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 5   (Yellow Dog)             CC
YD012     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 6   (Yellow Dog)            CC
YD013     Unsurpassed Masters Vol 7  (Yellow Dog)              CC
FHHCDH001 Upgraded Collection Highlights (Fool On Hog Hill CD)  
RAR007 Video 1 (CD-R)  
BTLG Vinyl To The Core Upgrade (3 CD-R)  
YD035 WBCN Get Back Reference Acetate (Yellow Dog CD-R) CC
FAB4             When I get Older [Beatles in the 90's] (CD-R) CC
MM13-14     Wildcat (Madman) (2 CD-R) CC
unknown With The Beatles (Mirror Spock CD-R)  
Apple Yellow Submarine Press Kit (CD-R)  
UMRK-YS203 Yellow Submarine Remixes 1999 (CD-R)  
unknown Yesterday Medley (CD-R)  



HL130  "B" Sides (CD-R)  
PLR CD 9310 219 W. 53 Street (Pluto Records CD-R)  
YC009/10       4th of July RFK stadium  - 2 CDs (Yellow Cat)    CC
BIG028 A Dream Apart (Big Music CD-R) CC
STR005 A Royal Performance (Strawberry CD-R) CC
BC007/008 Admit One (Black Cat 2 CD-R)  
LOVE              All The Rest (LOVE Records CD-R) CC 
YC11/12         Arizona Soundchecks - 2CDs (Yellow Cat)    CC
YC029 Backyard + (Yellow Cat CD-R) CC
Orange21 Ballroom Dancing (Orange CD-R) CC
BBCD002 Band On The Run DTS Quad Mixes (2 CD-R Beatle Boots)  
YC007/8         Berkeley Concert 1990 - 2CDs (Yellow Cat)    CC
CD3002          Blackbird Sessions (Goblin)  
BB28/29/30    Complete Cold Cuts (Bell Bottom 3 CD - disc 1 75+ min long) CC
RAM009         Completed Rarities & Video Gems (CD-R) CC
PH1312          Completed Rarities Vol 1 (PolyPhone)  
PH1311          Completed Rarities Vol 2 (PolyPhone) CC
FAB4-101 Devil Music (CD-R FAB4 records)  
MFCD015/016 Eggs Up (Masterfraction 2 CD-R)  
CD1979          Eggs Up    CC
RS CD 15 Elstree Tapes (RS Records CD-R)  
Orange 6 Extended Tracks (Orange CD-R)  
TCD24            Friends of the Earth (Tour 1990) - 2CDs (Templar Records) CC
PH1314          Good Sign Vol 1 (PolyPhone)  
PH1307          Good Sign Vol 2 (PolyPhone)  
PH1306          Good Sign Vol 3 (PolyPhone)  
VT121             Good Times Comin (Red Robin)    CC
MM72 Got Any Toothpicks (Madman CD-R) CC
KTS250          Hey Tokyo! (Kiss The Stone)  
UM 015/016 Hit The Road Paul (Unbelievable Music 2 CD-R) CC
ORANGE14    Home Demos (CD-R)    CC
NLR9711 I Laugh to Think How Young We Were (CD-R No Label)  
CD3031          Its Now Or Never (Complete Russian Sessions) (CD-R)  
CO25128        James Paul McCartney (Chapter One)    CC
unknown Jazz Street (2 CD-R)  
unknown Little Girl Tape - 1967 (1 CD-R)  
unknown Live at the Cavern and Apocalypse Tube (CD-R)  
unknown Live in the New World Charlotte, NC 6/15/93 (2 CD-R)  
MM9105         London Town Roughs & Demos (Mistral)    CC
GTF222-A/B       Lost McCartney Album (Club Sandwich) (2 CD-R)  
VOXX07 Lost McCartney Album (Voxx 2 CD-R)  
MBCD114  Making of James Paul McCartney (Midnight Beat CD-R) CC
Sandwich 001 McCartney Dome In Rehersal 11/18/93 (Sandwich CD-R)  
SCR001 McCartney Soundcheck '93 (CD-R)  
2323 McCartney/Laine 2 Buddies on Holly Days (CD-R)  
VT174 McCartney/MacManus Collaboration (Vigotone)  
PM101           More Unplugged (Starline CD-R) CC
Voxx012 Nashville Sessions (CD-R Voxx)  
HP302 Naughty Boys (ALFA CD-R)  
CD001 Now Hear This (Drifter CD-R)  
BATZ021 Off The Flowers Vol 1(Panther CD-R)  
BATZ022 Off The Flowers Vol 2 (Panther CD-R)  
BATZ023 Off The Flowers Vol 3(Panther CD-R)  
BATZ024 Off The Flowers Vol 4(Panther CD-R)  
YC064  Old Friends from Monserrat (Yellow Cat)    CC
NLR9706 On A Rainy Day (CD-R No Label Records)  
YC028            One Hand Clapping (CD-R) Missing trk 12    CC
YC Oobu Joobu Part 1-15 (Yellow Cat 15 CD-R) CC
PMCD0P1 Ooobu Joobu Radio Chronicles Part 1 (CD-R)  
PMCD0P2 Ooobu Joobu Radio Chronicles Part 2(CD-R)  
BTLG Original Run Devils (CD-R)  
STR003           Paul McCartney & Wings Unsurpassed Masters Vol 2 (CD-R)    CC
RAR008/009 Paul of Kintyre (RAR 2 CD-R)  
MM9231         Piano Tape (Mistral)    CC
VT189/190 Pizza and Fairy Tales (Vigotone 2 CD)  
MM9234 Plugged & Unplugged (Mistral CD-R) CC
MAS3375 RAM Mono Mix (CD-R)  
STR002           Red Rose Speedway outtakes & Live In Newcastle (CD-R)  
BTLG Return To Lindiana (CD-R)  
CD043            Rock and Roll Jam Sessions    CC
YC068 Rock Devil Rock (Yellow Cat CD-R)  
Cool Orangesickle Rockestra Session (Cool Orangesickle CD-R)  
93711 RRRRRROOOCK Show (Midas Touch CD-R)  
FHHCDP001 Rude Studio Demos - 1980 (Fool On Hog Hill CD) CC
CD080            Rude Studio Demos    CC
BST1984 RuPaul Tapes (BroadStreet CD-R)  
unknown Saturday Night Live rehersals (Desmonds Barrel CD-R)  
unknown Soundchecks Vol 1-4 (4 CD-R)  
CO25132        Studio Tracks Vol 1 (Chapter One)  
CO25142        Studio Tracks Vol 2 (Chapter One)  
CO25146        Studio Tracks Vol 3 (Chapter One)  
CO25147        Studio Tracks Vol 4 (Chapter One)  
unknown                    Syndey Sound Check (2 CD-R)  
BATZ0025 Tell Me If You Can (CD-R)  
PR001/2 Uncut Countdown Tape (2 CD-R Pikachu Records)  
McV1 Veggie Pie (CD-R)  
NP1906-1    Venus & Mars Outtakes Are Alright Tonight Vol 1 (No Pig CD-R)    CC
NP1906-2     Venus & Mars Outtakes Are Alright Tonight Vol 2 (No Pig CD-R)    CC
Voxx005 Viva Mexico (CD-R Voxx)  
NLR9902 We Could Go On for Hours (CD-R no artwork)  
Voxx003/1/2 Welcome To Wombley (CD-R Voxx)  
unknown Westwood 1 Superstar Concert (2 CD-R)  
VT161/162  When It Rains It Pours (Vigotone 2CD)  
STR023 Wings Arles '72 (Strawberry 1 CD-R)  
private Wings at Rotterdam/Gronigen Sound Check 1972 (2 CD-R)  
Voxx014 Wings Belgium 1972 (2 CD-R Voxx)  
RAM003 Wings First Live Show (CD-R Repro Man)  
private Wings from the Wings (2 CD-R)  
VT164/165 Wings Last Flight (Vigotone 2 CD)  
VOXX01/01 Wings Learning To Fly (VOXX CD-R)  
DD009 Wings Live in Groningen (Darthdisc CD-R) CC
MM9110/9111 Wings Over Switzerland (Mistral 2 CD-R) CC
VOXX010 Wings Toronto 1976 Complete (Voxx 2 CD-R)  
YC070 Wings Venus & Mars Sessions (Yellow Cat 1 CD-R)  
PMC-01 Wings Working Holiday (Zee Records CD-R)  



RPM107-108 All Things Must Surface (Repro Man 2 CD-R)  
unknown Anthology Vol 1 (Handmade CD-R)  
VOXX008 Baton Rouge 1974 (Voxx 2 CD-R)  
STR001 Beware of ABKCO (CD-R Strawberry) CC
DPRO7087 Conversation with George Harrison Feb 15, 2001 (CD-R)  
CDP Dylan / Harrison Almost Went To See Elvis  
LLRCD088 Far East Man (Living Legend)  
Dark Horse I'm not going to die on you folks yet (CD-R)  
internet J Files (3 CD-R)  
MBCD110/112 Making of All Things Must Pass (3 CD-R Midnight Beat)  
APCOR1 Mono Wonderwall (CD-R)  
RE007 RockLine Interview 1988 (Red Eye CD-R)  
PB1005 Somewhere In England (CD-R Pegboy)  
RAR CDEP001 Somewhere In India  
unknown Songs For Patti (CD-R)  
VOXX04/01/02 Starr/Harrison Lost And Found (VOXX 2 CD-R)  
STR022 The Harri-Spector Show (Strawberry 1 CD-R  
VT181 Through Many Years (Vigotone 1 CD)  
HARDRAIN5 Travelling Wilburys Unsurpassed Masters (CD-R) CC
unknown Up Close Radio Broadcast (4 CD-R no art)  
TDR020/021 Wilburys Complete Collections (2 CD-R)  
VOXX011 Wilburys Recovered Treasure (Voxx CD-R)  



UC083 Acetates and Alternate Mixes (Unicorn CD-R)  
BBC CD6002 BBC Radio 1 Interview 12/6/80 (2 CD-R)  
VT235-237 Brandy Alexanders & Wall of Sound (Vigotone 3 CD-R)  
1940 Compositions (CD-R) CC
CD555-01 Dreaming of the Past (Howdy CD-R) CC
VOXX009 Filming The Fantasies (Voxx CD-R)  
BAR010/011 For The Other Half Of The Sky (2 CD-R Barrier)  
PB1001       Free As A Bird (PegBoy CD-R)    CC
VTCD01 Gone From This Place (CD-R Vigotone) CC
JL5/6 Heart Play (2 CD-R)  
UC081 Imagine 2 x 1 acetate (Unicorn CD-R)  
VT118      Imagine All The Outtakes (3 CD-R) (Vigotone)    CC
VT185/186 Imagine More Session Tapes (Vigotone 2 CD-R) CC
CDR2001-3 Imagine Quad 8 track mixes (Merilee Records CD-R)  
BARR007/8 It's Hard To Be Butterflies (2 CD-R Barrier) CC
CD099   Johhny "L" (Star Records CD-R)  
BB022 Lennon Renumbers (Bell Bottom)  
CBAK4014 Lennon's Last Interview 12/8/80 (CD-R)  
MS01-02 Listen to This Radio Show (2 CD-R)  
VTCD06 Look At Me (Vigotone CD-R) CC
Bag5102/3/4 Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 30, 31, 32 (BAG 2 CD-R) CC
COOL002 Miscellaneous Tracks (Cool Orangesicle CD-R) CC
VTCD10 My Love Will Turn You On (Vigotone CD-R) CC
FLO005 Night Ride (Flo Records CD-R)  
unknown                      Oh My Love (CD-R)  
DD 3/4/5/6 Remembers: The Rolling Stone Interview (4 CD-R)  
CD5341         Rock and Roll Sessions Part 1 (Ghost CD-R)  
CD5342  Rock and Roll Sessions Part 2 (Ghost CD-R)  
VOXX02/01/02/03 Rock 'N Roll Sessions (Voxx 3 CD)  
ML9506    S.I.R. John Winston Ono Lennon (CD-R) (Moonlight Records)    CC
RSC089 SanFrancisco Bay Blues (CD-R Oil Well Records)  
Voxx006 Somewhere In New York City (CD-R Voxx)  
BAR012/13 Songs From Late In The Afternoon (2 CD-R Barrier) CC
CO25115        Studio Tracks Vol 1 (Chapter One)  
Orange 15 The Complete May Pang Tapes (Orange CD-R)  
PB1006        The Dream Is Over (PegBoy CD-R)  
BBCD01 THIS Is The Truth (Beatle Boots CD-R) CC
MM9225        Toot and a Snore in '74 (Mistral)    CC
JL901         Unplugged (CD-R)  
CDP 790102 Walking on Thin Ice (Dolphin CD-R)  
Voxx013 Walls & Bridges Revisited (2 CD-R Voxx)  
VTCD05 Yer Blues (Vigotone CD-R) CC



unknown Anthology So Far Radio Show (2 CD-R)  
PB1004 Can't Fight Lightning (CD-R Pegboy) CC
unknown Ringo At Wolf Trap 5/30/2000 (2 CD-R)  
unknown Ringo Live In Ft Worth TX 8/18/01 (2 CD-R)  
VOXX04/01/02 Starr/Harrison Lost And Found (VOXX 2 CD-R)  
MYR640707b Starr/Stevens Sink In The Can New (CD-R) CC
MM9335 With a Little Help from John, Paul & George (CD-R) CC

Beatles Related

unknown Mal Evans Interviews 11/75 from radio, fades in spots (2 CD-R)
MAM101 Denny Laine Holly Days 24bit remaster (Magic Records CD-R)



Other Artists


2001/02 24 Carat Gold (CD-R)
1800 American Crown Jewels (Bilko CD-R)
74321 672299 2 Burbank '68 (BMS CD-R)
2001/05 Burning in Burmingham (CD-R)
CR001/003 Celluloid Rock Vol 1 (Cool Romeo 3 CD)
unknown Comin On Strong
MS001 Complete Dressing Room session 6/24-6/26/68 (CD-R)
? Cut Me & I Bleed (Double G CD-R)
5100 Electrifying (Bilko CD-R)
unknown Finding the Way Home (Southern Style 2 CD-R)
DAE3595-6/7 From Sunset Blvd to Paradise Road (Diamond Anniversary 2 CD-R)
2201 Goodbye Memphis (Fort Baxter CD-R)
1597 Hang Loose (Bilko CD-R)
unknown Here I Go Again 7/23/69 (CD-R)
unknown I'll Remember You (CD-R)
unknown Jungle Room Sessions (CD-R)
unknown Kiss Me Quick Little Sister complete session (CD-R)
4932-1 My it's been a long, long time (Luxor CD-R)
2001-03 Opening Night 1/26/72 (CD-R)
ASCD 731-69 Opening Night 1969 (CD-R)
1591 Stax Trax (Bilko CD-R)
DG001 Stereo '57 (CD-R)
unknown Thank You Very Much
OMS005 The Alternate Volume 3 (Original Master Series CD-R)
2205/2206 The Brightest Star on Sunset Blvd (Fort Baxter 2 CD-R)
unknown The Complete Sun Sessions (TMQR 2 CD-R)
CG-1000 There's A Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On (Circle CD-R)
1598 There's Always Me Vol 1 (Bilko 2 CD-R)
B1698/1699 There's Always Me Vol 2 (Bilko 2 CD-R)
B1798/1799 There's Always Me Vol 3 (Bilko 2 CD-R)
  There's Always Me Vol 4 (Bilko 2 CD-R)
RCA67611-2 Tiger Man (CD-R)
2001 When All Was Kool (Mystery Train CD-R)


Beach Boys

unknown Archeology (5 CD-R)
unknown Brian Wilson Live in Anaheim (CD-R)
STTP105-106 Brian Wilson Pet Sounds Symphonic Tour 'Pet Bowl' (2 CD-R)
PB062 Deep Sea Treasures Vol 1 (Polar Bear CD-R)
PB063 Deep Sea Treasures Vol 2 (Polar Bear CD-R)
PYCD054 Do It Again (Triangle CD-R)
private Endless Harmony 5.1 surround mixes (1 CD-R)
VT238-242 Goodbye Surfing, Hello God (Vigotone 5 CD-R)
CD09-18   Journals Part 1 (CEDREM 8 CD-R) (no artwork)
Vigo133 Lei'd In Hawaii Rehersal (Vigo CD-R)
private Lost Concert (multisession audio/video CD-R)
YD029      Pet Sounds Rehersals (Yellow Dog)
724383766222 Pet Sounds Sessions (Capitol 3 CD-R)
DA002-009 Rarities Vol 1-8 (Dumb Angel 8 CD-R)
T2580 Smile (2 CD-R)
unknown Smiley Smile (CD-R)
BARR? Surfs Up in Princeton (Barrier 2 CD-R)
C9343/44/45 The Live Box (Sea Of Tunes 3 CD-R)
CD9316-2 Time To Get Alone (Silver Shadow 2 CD-R)
C9958 Today & Summer Days (Sea Of Tunes CD-R)
C9703 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 01 (Sea of Tunes CD-R)
C9704 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 02 (Sea Of Tunes 1CD-R)
C9705 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 03 (Sea of Tunes CD-R)
C9706/7 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 04 (Sea Of Tunes 2 CD-R)
C9811 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 05 (Sea Of Tunes 1 CD-R)
C9812/13/14 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 06 (Sea of Tunes 3 CD-R)
C9815/16/17/18 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 07 (Sea of Tunes 4 CD-R)
C9819/9822 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 08 (Sea Of Tunes 4 CD-R)
C9827/9830 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 10 (Sea of Tunes 4 CD)
C9831/32 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 11 (Sea Of Tunes 2 CD-R)
C9833/34 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 12 (Sea Of Tunes 2 CD)
C9835-9838 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 13 (Sea of Tunes 4 CD-R)
C9839-9843 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 14 (Sea of Tunes 4 CD-R)
C9946/47/48 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 15 - Good Vibrations (Sea of Tunes 3 CD-R)
C9949 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 16 - Smile (Sea of Tunes CD-R)
C9550/51/52 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 17 - Smile Sessions (Sea of Tunes 3 CD-R)
C9953 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 18 (Sea of Tunes CD-R)
C9954/55 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 19 (Sea of Tunes 2 CD-R)
C9956 Unsurpassed Masters Vol 20 (Sea Of Tunes 2 CD-R)



Other Artists

TDR029 Byrds Byrdaholics! (Ten Dollar Records CD-R)
CD80-89 Byrds Journals (CEDREM 9 CD-R)
unknown Byrds Tamborines and 12 strings (CD-R)
CR2006    Byrds: In The Studio  (CD-R)
unknown Charles Manson Commemoration (CD-R)
unknown Charles Manson White Album (CD-R)
private Doors Live at the Matrix Club 3/7/67, 3/10/67 (4 CD-R)
TSP047 Doors The Matrix Tapes - 3/10/67 (Swinging Pig 2 CD-R)
SP106 Dylan / Cash sessions (Spank CD-R)
CDP Dylan / Harrison Almost Went To See Elvis
SP102 Dylan 7 years bad luck (CD-R Spank)
RS047 Dylan MTV Unplugged rehersal 11/17/94 (CD-R)
CR2021/22 Dylan The Witmark Years 1982-1984 (CD-R)
ML9642 Dylan, Tiny Tim & The Band (CD-R Moonlight Records)
unknown Eric Clapton Blues Evening (CD-R)
unknown John Prine My Fathers Place 7/17/78 (2 CD-R)
HEAD Monkee Archives Vol 3 (CD-R)
RHM7715 Monkees Headquarters Sessions (Rhino 3 CD-R)
unknown Paul Simon Songbook (CD-R)
TSPCD071-2 Pink Floyd Live In Montreux 1971 (2 CD-R Swinging Pig)
unknown Pink Floyd Outtakes From Outer Space (CD-R)
PF003079-1/2 Pink Floyd Rarities Through The Years (2 CD-R)
CO25195  Pink Floyd: A Saucerful Of Outtakes (Chapter One)
TSP049    Pink Floyd: Best of Tour '72  (The Swinging Pig)
unknown Prine & Goodman at the BBC 1976 (CD-R)
7381 Rolling Stones '78 Tour rehersals (CD-R)
VGP-108 Rolling Stones Surrey Rehersals 1968 (CD-R)
Rutle Corp Rutlands Rare Rutles Revisited
POP014 Rutles Hard Days Rut (Popmeister CD-R)
GT-013 Rutles Rehersal (Goldtone CD-R)
GT-013+ Rutles Rehersal De-hissed and equalized (CD-R)
YD052 The Who Life With The Moons (Yellow Dog CD-R)
unknown The Who Tommy Rehersals & soundchecks (CD-R)
YD007     The Who: The Tommy Demos (Yellow Dog)
OR98D2012/12 Yardbirds Little Games Sessions (2 CD-R)



Paperback Writer session - 1966

My configuration

I use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to copy audio discs in DAO mode. My hardware consists of a Plextor UltraMax 40 CD-ROM for extracting audio and a Plextor 12/10/32A for writing. I have a backup Plextor 8/20 burner if needed. I have two IDE controllers (4 IDE ports) and an Adaptec bus master SCSI adapter in my system, the 8/20 and 40Max are connected to the SCSI adapter. The two hard drives and the 12/10/32A are attached to separate IDE ports. I never copy discs 'on the fly', I always copy to a hard drive then burn.

VCD's and data discs are copied using CDRWIN to backup the disc to hard drive then burn to the final disc.